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Interfictions 2 Reading and Concert, Friday! Boston! November 11, 2009

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I’m working on about a million book review posts right now, and some should be going up soon, but in the meantime, Boston locals, there is an AWESOME book event happening this Friday!

Boston Interfictions 2 Reading and Concert

That’s right, Friday at 7:30pm at the Lily Pad in Inman Sq, Cambridge, authors will be reading their stories from the Interfictions 2 Anthology, while musicians give us a concert to go with the words! So cool! So much fun! Everyone come! Tell your friends!

And while we’re talking about Interfictions, you should know that the Interstitial Arts Foundation, who put out the book and are sponsoring the event, are also running an auction of art pieces inspired by the stories in the collection. You can see them all here, and, oh, right, this one’s mine.

Thanks for reading!


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